Metrology is a branch of science which deals with weight and measures.In include theoretical and practical problems,the realization of the units of measurement and their physical representation as well as measuring instrument and their field of application. Legal metrology comprises all activities for which legal requirements are prescribed on measurement,units of measurement,measuring instruments and methods of measurement,these activities being performed by or on behalf of governmental authorities,in order to ensure an appropriate level of credibility of measurement result in national regulatory environment. The extent of legal metrology varies from one country to another. In most countries legal metrology covers measurements in the protection of the individual from financial, health and environmental point of view.

            In almost every country a national metrology and constitutes and essential elements in the economy of the country. In accordance with the recommendations of two international bodies namely,

1. The General conference on weights and measures (CGPM), the body which takes policy decisions on metrological standards.

2. The international organization of Legal Metrology(OIML), the body which regulates metrological standards.

            On which India is a member, the Central Government enacted Legal Metrology Act and seven Rules for implementation of modern system of weights and measures so as to ensure countrywide uniformity not in enforcement procedure but also in the scope coverage of legal control on weights and measures. In order to implement various provisions of Legal Metrology Act 2009. The following rules have been framed by Government of India.

1. The Legal Metrology Act, 2009

2. The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011

3. The Indian Institute of Legal Metrology Rules, 2011

4. The Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011

5. The Legal Metrology (Approval of Models) Rules, 2011

6. The Legal Metrology (Numeration) Rules, 2011.

7. The Legal Metrology(National Standards) Rules, 2011

8. The Legal Metrology (Government Approved Text Centre) Rules, 2013.

           For the effective implementation of different provisions of the Act and Rules, Government of Kerala enacted Kerala Legal Metrology ( Enforcement ) Rules, 2012

Legal Metrology in Kerala
           The metric system of Weights and Measures was first introduced in Kerala from 1st October 1958. Thereafter it was extended in the other areas in accordance with the phased program. In the year 1956, Central Government enacted standards of Weights and Measures Act describing metric units of Weights and Measures for the whole India accordingly State Governments passed there own enactment for the enforcement of metric system. Rules were also framed under the enforcement act implement the provisions of this act effectively. In our state a special officer was appointed under the board of revenue for the adaptation of metric system who was later designated as the Controller of Weights and Measures. The Government of Kerala made Kerala Weights and Measures Enforcement Rules 1992 with effect from 24.07.1992.

           Due to technological advancements it has become necessary to review the enactments and to get rid of the anomalies as well as to keep the regulations pragmatic to the extend required for protecting the interest of consumers, the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 was enacted and it came into force on the 1st day of April, 2011.